Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the road again...

So wow, this year from day 1 I have been back and forth and back and forth. All over the place. I have a few stories but had I remembered to post it then it might have been funnier. Although some of it is still kinda weird.

So the first trip was back after Turkey Day. I made a few friends with...well some pretty interesting guys. We weren't too busy and of course no one really got my part of the puzzle which I'm pretty used to. So, at the end of week one (which is thurs. night there) we decided to go to the hotel bar for a few drinks. I had gone to dinner with 2 of the guys I work with and when we got back figured we would head to the bar. So we run into the other group who had decided to order a bottle. Well they offered me a drink...or 4... Turns out, haha, o was drinking thier's too. I would set my empty glass down and pick up their full one thinking it was mine.. So I thought I only had about 5 drinks or so.... Let's double that and mention they were mixed by guys twice my size. So...Betty... Had waaaay to much to drink and decided to stand on a ledge about 3 stories maybe more high... I don't remember a single bit of it, at least I know my subconscious isn't scared of heights. But the guys told me to get down and I promptly listens and was taken to my room, lol. The second week was pretty uneventful, until the trip home. Most of it was ok, but I had 3 connections. My second leg was to share a row w/ one guy coming from...Russia? I can't really remember. Well the seat between us was empty. So we had talked a bit before take off seemed nice enough, so I ask if he minds if I put my feet up. He says oh no of course, so my feet are kinda slipping around and he asks if he can rub them for me... Ugh...no.... Well he kept asking, I insisted it was fine. At one point he actually grabbed my foot and tried rubbing it...*shiver* well he stuck w/ me when we landed and went through customs....kinda freaky. Oh!!! I almost forgot! Going thought airport security on the first leg one of my guys and I watched a guy get taken into a booth and strip searched, haha. Apperently he was acting weird and was pulled out of line, lol

So trip 2. We sarrive and there are 6 females. Well while we sent in our names that we were coming apperently the fact that were female wasn't noticed... I don't know bout you....but I don't know too many guys named Betty, or Carol for that matter.... I mean really. So Carol and I attach and claim roomies. We fall to the back for room assignment, we get to the table and find out that they didn't plan for female rooms. Oh and at was the biggest fiasco, we ended up moving rooms after the first night, which turned out to be good cause the guys downstairs were comin up and using what would have been our bathroom. So we moved rooms and made out like bandits. 2 to a room that shares a bathroom with another 2 man room. Well the other room connected to our bathroom was a storage room. Score one for us. The trip turned out to be the best gaggle fuck you could imagine. Lots of mass confusion, frustration and irritation. Our plan exploded into the massive thing that I don't imagine anyone thought it would turn into. If I were a player in a video game increase stress bar by 1,000 and decrease health to critical. Uggghh the fun. Funny story for this trip... Well the bathrooms are pretty much industrial. He trash cans fit into the wall like they do in big commercial bathrooms. So our trash was full but it wasn't like full of heavy things, it was napkins, water bottles and well that's really it. So Carol gets up one morning, goes to bathroom. And in order to go she has to slide past my bed (Clarence was only about 5 inches), she comes back out and says "I'm just gonna go ahead and fess up, the trash can fell over I didn't pick it up". I'm half asleep and when what she says sinks in, I sit up and ask how did that happen? Or something like that. So I don't get up or anything, but eventually make it to the bathroom and see the mess, I clean it up. And ask how did we not hear it, it's pretty hefty. So like 2 days later I was in the bathroom and the trash can falls and makes this enormous crash... Carol wasn't around but I tell her about itand can not for the life of me figure out how we didn't hear something that loud. So I make jokes that she's turned me into her personnel slave. Not too bad a trip other than wanting to kill one... No 2 of the guys I drank with on the first trip... It was like it was their mission to make me crazy and be as difficult as possible.

So here we are about to kick off the big show and things couldn't be more.... No I shouldn't say that because they could be more screwed up... But I have come to the conclusion it will be a beautiful disaster. Plan for the worst, hope for the best....

So here's to crashing in the largest explosion ever... But w/ style...

Stay tuned... It's gonna get interesting....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Candles should have metal bottoms...

So last week, I learned what it was truely like to burn the candle at both ends. I had conferences across town to attend and keep up with my daily requirements. Being stretched between to locations 30 min from each other... no good. I need a traveling system that can access whatever I need whenever I need. I have already asked... they told me no, lol. Oh well. maybe one day? Probably long after I have retired though. So I got my butt kicked last week w/work, didn't get to work out very much so that added to the aggrevation. I get so cranky when i cant work out for more than a day or two. Then of course there is dealing with the morons i work with. I don't think I will ever understand why people who are of... higher stature never seem to have common sense. The entire of military knows, (well most of it, anyway) that the enlisted force is the all knowing, hardest working and most trusted side of the force?! I find it so hard to believe that where i work i could be surrounded by so many STUPID people.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, 14 November.... it just gets better...

So, *sign* Monday. Get up, drive to work, dropped off the girl and off to my run. So my normal starting point is blocked off thanks to some retirement ceremony that isn't till 1000. Its 0715 people I think I will be done by then, gees. Ugh so, normal routine is to stop at bathroom and then stretch as the sun comes over the water... nope not today. I have to go to the gym to start my run... bathroom... doesn't work out (yea I know you wanted to know that). So I start my run....1st mile is good I got the rhythm down, breathing and feet. Nice slow but moving music. Then I just start to feel heavy at end of mile 2... ugghhhhh. haha in the last stretch there's no cars, no people. cept this one guy running towards me... hahah so all I can think of are those cheesy movie scenes, where the couple are running towards each other, lmao... I had to stop myself... I almost did it, but decided against it. But as we get closer I pull out one of my ear buds and tell him I almost did that.... No response. I was laughing my butt off.... Apparently he didn't think it was so amusing. Oh well. So I finish and normally I just take a shower at work but I decided that today since I was at the gym anyway why not. So I grab my bad and run in. I get all stripped down and stuff in hand and i get to the showers... there's a line... really... come on ladies.... 5 min... well i didn't have to wait too long other wise i would have said something. but i get the handicapped shower that has no outer self seat thingy so i have to get creative and pull that stupid seat down and maneuver around it to wash myself. ugghhh. whatever. so i have a question at this point, after i tell you what happens. I get out of the shower under things already on. Hair in towel. I get to the corner where I shoved my bag and uniform and this... SSGt? IDK what she was is like all over the place and then this SRA is across from me. I am attempting to put my socks on but the SRA sits down to put on her panty hose... ok fine ill stand and do this... socks on standing on sneakers pants on, fold pants, boots on and done...… The SSgt... when I walked over she was putting her boots on.... SHE IS STILL "FIXING" her boots?! What the hell girl! So I'm grabbing all my rubber-bands, hair brush and whatnot and she grabs her stuff and goes to fix her hair. So i make it over there and there is no where to stand but in-between a butter bar who has apparently spent the last 15 worrying over her eyebrow? idk and the SSgt. now we both have really long hair and I'm brushing away like always. (btw, right now my dog is very interested in my hair? he's sniffing it quite hard....just thought i would share) so anyway, i happen to look up and see that the other mirror is open so i move over there... now i look up and SSgt is making her "cute" little square thingy at the front and securing it down....My hair is in a ponytail and i got my donut on and making it all pretty. wrapping it up and done.... she doesn't even have the rest of her hair up..... wow, so in the time i have gotten out of the shower gotten dressed, packed up, fixed my hair and walking out she has put on her boots and barely gotten her hair done.... wow talk about the speed of snail.....whatever, so i go to work, grab my little lunch bag and my super green book, (i carry this thing every where, fun note, Zoo-Zoo decided he wanted to eat it a few weeks ago, lol) "linda" made fun of me for it all day, said she was gonna take it and replace it w/a new one... so i had to show her my drawings... lol. Oh but I go to sit down and this ridicules Navy Maj (known as a Lt Cmdr) who I want to beat is like hey at 11 lets all meet in the conf room, ok buddy sure thing... but as I'm waving my hand w. a thumbs up... my pinky and all down the side is... blue, there's blue all over my pants and uniform top..... freaking FANTASTIC! So do you see the pattern of my Monday... it didn't get worse it was actually pretty normal. So Lunch comes around and  I brought left overs. So my burning question... is Dog really married. Well, I just happen to have a few friends that work in an area that can access that kind of information, so I decide to go see them. Turns out she is having pork-chops too!!! Too funny. So we chit-chat for a few min and then I break it out.... So, the other day this guy asked me out, and of course like any friend her eyes get all big and she smiles. Lol, and the oh yea? Conversation starts. So then I was like yea well, funny thing... someone told me he's married, she was like nooooo, lol. So then Mrs See who's chair I was in comes back but I bring over another chair and we are all chatting. The conversation was dropped, I had mention he worked there and that its funny how I know people and they like to talk to me, lol. So the Mrs See is called away but as she is I happen to look up and see Dog looking around the corner... not for me I was way out of my normal area, lol. so I make this ridicules hand gesture and trying to not be crazy around other people that were standing there.  So they leave and she was like what's wrong? i was like he was standing behind you, lmao... sorry, hahahahah. so we are making jokes about my hand gestures and she said she thought i was taking about her and that maybe something was wrong (she was taking her uniform top off right at the same time) so she got momentarily worried that maybe she had done something embarrassing, the comment no bra, come up which sent us in to hysterics. Anyway I told her, rather I wrote his name on her calender and this is what I get: *huge gasp* "NO!, he is married and they are expecting a baby... I went to her shower!!!" O...M...G, no Fu*king way... oh this just gets better. SO I leave a little bit later and maybe about 20 min who shows up at my desk? HAHA I have renamed him to Dog Slime (DS). So we chat for a min and he asks how my weekend was, and i just smiled really big and said it was really awesome. haha, so then he says he'll bother me later. so about an hour later i get an email, we chat it up and i am dying, Linda says i gotta let it simmer and make him stumble. lol I say no i want to turn him into a 4 yr. old child. haha, so i let the conversating go on and i finally ask so how was your weekend? i get back, good but lonely... huh so i ask, why lonely? he says, i needed some extra lovin this weekend, no one to give me any.... !!!!!!! I'm about to explode at this point!!!! I forgot when he was at my desk, I was making my calender for a trip I am making in march back to the West coast for a ruck march and he asked me about it. Then he's like ohh send me the info I wanna go!!!!!! So anyway. I ask what does "extra" loving mean and is it in reference to be more loving that currently already receiving? He says no no loving at all gets all frustrated and says women are sometimes easier to give it up than men.... Now that I think about it, maybe he's bi too!!!! bbwaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, oh I kill me. SO I ask for him to explain that. Can you tell I'm fishing? He apparently cannot. So then he makes a remark or asks if I ever get laid, I said yes (yes I know I lying but he doesn't need to know that) but I dont think it's really any of his business. He asks what if he wants to make it his business? I replied, well I'm pretty sure we discussed this last week and it was decided that this is not gonna happen because we are looking for 2 different things. He says dang not even given the chance to make it his business.... I'm dying at this point. So at the same time I am emailing Red and tell her about it... she tells me I should send him all the info and then say you should really invite your wife and make it a family outing and something else, that was really good. So I bust out laughing, and Linda is looking at me all worried. No, I have been keeping Linda updated on the happenings and so I fwd that lil snippet of Red's email to her, she thought it was pretty funny too. I haven't answered him. I dont really know what to say really. I think I want to draw it out and see how far he tries to go, and hang on to the proof and destroy him with it. Not by inter-fearing with his marriage but will def make him think twice before he tries to do it again. Thoughts????

Sunday, November 13, 2011


So here we are November 2011. I have been on like half a dozen trips, training conferences... all kinds of FUN stuff, lol. I have one more left before end of year, but this one should be good. I leave the Sat after Thanksgiving, but I spend like 36 hours traveling. Should be interesting. Well, Halloween ended with a blowout. I think I mentioned I blew up at Mom. I said things that didn't make any sense at all, but then again I have the problem when provoked at the height of aggravation. Nothing was resolved, and I now know that no matter how long I wear the uniform, it is a way of life that only others in uniform will ever truly understand. The things we endure home-station and overseas. Things we dont talk about with our civilian friends or family because we know that they will only hear the bad and not understand why we continue on. Never truly understanding why we aren't discouraged away from the bad but press through and to it. I am ok with that, and maybe one day I can tell her about it, but I doubt it. She has a very negative  attitude against some things. And her ridicules paranoia of "Big Brother," pretty ironic that I would be considered a minion of "the Man," lol. ANYWAY, so I hop on a plane to Ill, not 2 days after I finish 2 of the 3 days and have walked 45 miles. Ugghhhh, wearing heels and all that fun stuff. The next weeks I'm supposed to wear business casual, oh goody. Well, my trip gets cut short by a week, which is pretty awesome. WE got done with our task early so Ms. M and I came home. I learned a lot that week, and it never ends on how much I still dont know and what much still there is to learn. Lol, sometimes I wonder if I will ever catch up. I try to not let it beat me down and only use it help me push forward. So I come home sat and go rt. back to work monday, which was prob better cause mom is still in town. So this past Tues... I will call him Dog ( because he is) started hanging around my desk, now I have talked to Dog before no big deal, Army, computer nerd, cute in a country boy kinda way. So I have this puzzle on my desk call "The 11 L's" or loser game. Its pretty cool it has 11 "L" type pieces and you have to make them all fit together. I have solved it once. So Tues Dog sits at the desk across of me for about 45 min trying to solve this game. He's not the first several people have done this. (not for 45 min though, lol). So he gets fed up and leaves it on my desk says he will try it again later. SO then Wed he shows back up, trying to solve the pus again and says that he was gonna email me yesterday (tues) and see if I wanted to grab a beer... I think he said wed or thurs night. Don't remember. So then he says he will email me later and walks off. So I think like an hour or something later I have an email, the traffic basically goes he's asking me out and I say I could prob go out sat, he says it will cost me a hug and a kiss. I said a hug maybe.... A kiss you're pushing it. SO he makes this weird random comment about gettin and hittin it. and that he was all lovey depending on what the girl wanted or he could just do whatever. I told him I dint do the casual things, So then he keeps asking what am I looking for and I am honest I tell him I dont really know cause I stopped looking really. but if he was seriously trying to date me he needed patience. and some other stuff (this has continued on to Thursday). So anyway. He says lets keep it casual and I say I think we have to different definitions. Well, I was not really paying attention to the time and it got to be really late (mom's flight was around 2 it was now 1). The school called and was like are you gonna pick up your mom? (she spent the day at school w/the Girl), So in a rush I send an email w. my cell that if he still wanted to have a beer to give me a ring. So Friday comes and goes and no message or call. Whatever, he was being weird anyway. So then Sat one of the neighbors is havering a bday party and all the adults of course were having their adult beverages and I mention to neighbors husband the date and Dog (by name) so what does he tell me.... DOG IS MARRIED!!! HAHAHAHA *sigh* so now I cant wait till monday I was wondering if I should play along for a few days (which due to holiday and tdy could turn into weeks) or if I should turn him to vapor right away... I guess I will just have to see what monday brings. *evil laugh, muuuaaahahahahahahahahahaha* lol.

So I think I mentioned that I was hooked to mud racing. I have a race coming up on the 19th and I am pretty excited. It's not supposed to be all challenging like the last one, is supposed to just be a "fun run" lol. This will actually be my last race for the year but I already have my next races set, first one so far is in March. I have also or will also be signing up to do the Battan Memorial Death march at the end of March. 26.2 miles in uniform and boots carrying a 35 lb. ruck. So Jonesy, and Army guy that I work with decided that he would be my work out partner. Lol, good for me, but poor him. Having to deal with me, lol. He is good people. Has really helped me get better at my work out. My week goes something like; Monday 3 mile run. Tues sprints (100, 200, 300, and 400 meter), Wed gym (total body), Thurs 4 mile run and friday ruck.... We haven't started the rucks yet, but of us have been gone and in training the last few weeks. Then Sat I do whatever I want. I think I am going to start walking to make sure I am ready for the 60 mile next year....

So that brings us all up to date. I will definitely let you know what happens tomorrow. OH! I have decided to try my hand at making Wine. First, raspberry. Should be interesting!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

and a time she's a going....

End of July, the drive back and the end of a relationship... finally!

So I'm coming home and all I want is my house, w/my bed and all my animals. I have been living in a hotel for the last 7 weeks and all I want is to be surrounded by MY stuff. I have never wanted to be home so bad in my 12 yrs. of service. So I call Truck to let him know I will be home soon and that I will stop by and pick up Zoo-Zoo. Earlier discussion was that he (Truck) would bring Zoo-Zoo over Sat...I said no I would pick him up on my way in, no big deal. He asked if I was gonna stay with  him, I said no.…all I wanted was my stuff... its been a long 6 weeks. THen he calls back and says that oh yea he totally forgot he was taking the Son to a movie and it was out by me so he would drop off Zoo-Zoo and everything but his kennel... ok, cool word. I stop and get gas right down the street (yes I am stalling) I haven't gotten the call that the drop has been made. So do not want to deal with him right now. I know I didn't mention this before, but aver all this time, it has come to light that he isn't the sanest person I could be around and actually I'm kinda scared of him, yea I know… me scared... well I was... I actually had a breakdown the night before all this scared sh!tless about the face to face.... Anyway, he finally calls that Zoo-Zoo is home and he is leaving...whew... I will deal w/him tomorrow. I have Red on speed-dial and she is standing by, lol. actually I have like 4 people standing by, lol. I love my new friends. Well, apparently he has picked up that this is ending and is really short with me on the phone... whatever, I just want to go to bed.

The next day, I finally get him when he is home to get the kennel. I cant leave the house and desperately need the kennel. Zoo-Zoo will eat the house if I leave him out and I need groceries. I want a home cooked meal and no more fast food or chow hall pls.... He tries to stop me in the drive way and is all your just gonna leave... I explain that i didn't deserve to be treated the way he treated me, yelling at me for something that i have no control over and all the other little things that came out over the last 6 weeks... no thanks... so get out of there, not much conflict and no craziness, awesome... So like 3 days later i get am email says he had more to day... basically how in the beginning we said we would deal with each others ass-hole moods. I said there is a difference between being a n ass hole and being flat out crazy and he was just crazy and needed help, which he then tells me he's getting... Good for you hope the boy is too cause y'all both need it.... bad, and i will be your friend if you need someone to talk to but i will not be your GF and i can't go down this road as your GF.... sorry

So sometime before I finished class I got an email from Mr 2112... he's back from is short "deployment" and how am I?... Still in the Academy... he's says your busy I'm sorry take care and that he really regrets that things went the way they did and wishes he could change it and blah blah blah some other stuff... lame... moving on!

Old Man passed away in July, the girl went out to get him and found him in the dog house.... Passed. Poor thing. Mom called at work and the girl was in a mess of tears... it was all I could do to not lose my mind at work... I cried the whole way home. My dear sweet, sweet boy. I emailed his dad and it was just awful over again. But at least he's no longer in pain and was in a place where he got constant care and love and was with his lil girl.


School will be starting soon and The girls is still at Moms, and Red's bday is coming up... SO I have planned to spend the week with Red and then up to moms to get the girl and then home... It was a nice week at Reds, very relaxing... even w/all the "alarms" lmao. and she even let me bring Zoo-Zoo. I get the girl, get home and get her all ready for school.... 3rd grade... no more childish things my love... getting to be a big girl, no more talking in class and disrespecting the teacher... harsher rules this year... fairly uneventful month.

Another uneventful month. We move in to our new building and I have the worse possible seat. We are now in "cubicle land" but not completely blocked off from each other. I can see Army trans guy across from me, he's a riot... we are on the last row and i am the first seat of the row but hidden by a small wall. so the first 2 weeks i spend "teaching" people how to walk around my area... During the first 2 full days i was there, i had like 5 people fall on top of me cause they cut the corner too short and they dont realize I'm RIGHT FREAKING THERE!!!! so i set my trash can out to if my "cubicle" was actually enclosed were the other 2 walls would meet. people trip and get all pissed and i just yell it could have been me! and i am sure they hear me threaten the next person that falls on me.... I'm gonna pound them. No prospectives and I'm not looking.

I decided that 8 yrs was enough fighting and gave in... i had laser lypo on my tummy and got all the fat sucked out... i can see my toes again!!!! i worked out the cost and "borrowed" from myself. no the healing begins and man does it feel weird. wasn't a bad deal. only in the office for 1.5 hrs and i was "birthday shopping" 30 min later. will see in 2 weeks how i feel about it...

 I did Savage Rave and oh boy am I hooked!!!! I was released a few weeks ago to start doing PT again, so i haven't trained at all for this race. its 3.5 miles of mud, fire, water and obstacles... there is even a 150 meter swim... totally kicked my ass. but man was it awesome!!!!! cant wait for the next one....tummy looks great! swelling is down and bruising was quick still have to wear this ridicules garment, but aside from it riding up my ass all day i actually really like wearing it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GIRL!!!  8 yrs old! We have a bday party planned but no one but 2 have RSVP'd, hmmm seems this may turn out a lot like her 6th bday, but lets hope not.. Well it was actually a good turn out I really didn't expect that many to show... Good for her, glad it was awesome... The girl is doing gymnastics and was moved up to "stage 2". Yay! Just wonder how longer she will stick with it and if it will turn more serious? She's not bad.

I have the Iron Crusader coming up, is supposed to be awesome... nope. IT STANK! horrible whatever, it was a race and they all help me train for the big ones, lol

Next weekend I have the Susan G. Komen 3 day, 60 mile walk.... I have not spent a single day just walking, lol. I'm gonna hurt so bad... but running helps right? I have been working really hard the last few weeks. Jonesy decided he was gonna be me work out partner a few weeks ago and kicks my ass on a daily basis.... so that will help right? lol

So I made it 45 miles (2 days) it was absolutely AMAZING! I met some wonderful people (Ladies).  My right arch fell and my fav running shoes are done... absolutely gone. Lol. my legs are killing me and man I hurts to walk. I didn't walk the last day. Since i am leaving on tech 1st want to spend the next few days with the girl.... but next year, all 3 days, all 60 miles...

I am scheduled to go TDY on tech 31st... well this is my most favorite holiday and a religious day for me as well. So I make my travel for 1 Nov.... Mom flew in on the 23rd, trick-or-treating comes along and mom says go with the girl ill pass out candy... ok, i will see if i can keep up, my dogs are killing me. so i make one lap, we stop by a neighbors house to swap parents and i decide i cant walk anymore... feet are angry and just not having it. i go home to change shoes and decide to grab a beer, cause that will help right? lol... long story short, mom shoves candy at me make some ridicules remark about not being invited to neighbors... (who's going to the neighbors?) goes to neighbors she's made friends with. night ends w/me screaming at her... cant wait to get on a plane.

Wow, I'm all caught up, sorta... I'll give you to nov to this point tomorrow its 1 am and i have no idea how much i have actually had to drink tonight, lmao HAHAHAHA

How times flies , cont...


So here is May and I am being sent on a TDY to St Louis. Well, actually Scott AFB. Oh goody. COme to find out my Army friend that I made while TDY to Colorado would be there too. hmmmm, Well Truck and I are good I make it through the TDY all nice and avoid any interaction with..."Mow". I come back and one rough day Truck decides to leave roses (1 yellow, 1 pink, and 1 red) on my windshield. I go out to my car for lunch and happen to find them.... awwww "blush" how stinkin sweet!!!!! so then I get hit with congratulations you are going to the "Academy". Oh yay me.... Not.... ugghhh so I fight it but it doesn't work I have to go. ugghhhh FML. oh well what ever classes starts June 1. So I work it to where the girl will stay with Truck for 3 days. Class starts Thurs, I have to drive up wed, it's not the last week of school. So I talk to the school they ok me pulling her a week early I get a ticket she stay with truck till sat morning.... All is well. Except the day I am working on leaving turns upside down and everything just goes in every direction imaginable... My rock, Truck.

Did I mention that I take Truck and his boy up Ga to meet mom and dad (Memorial Day)? hmmmm, interesting visit. Not bad, I dont think.

1 June driving to Panama for school. Its 8 hrs and I should have left like 3 hrs ago, took car to a detailer and realized like 3 hrs later.... The girls DSi was stolen out of my car.... They say they didn't do it... whatever, I'm late and you're making me insane. Crap I need.. Oh who knows but I think I forgot something. "Truck, meet me..." "ok, see you there in 5 min". Hey babe, miss you have a safe trip blah blah blah, enjoy the ride. call me when you get there of if you start to fall asleep. ok, so here i go... I make ti there only to realize I'm a day early... hmmmm, oh well. whatever i will spend free day at beach and picking up anything i may have forgotten, silver lining... So school starts and about 1 week into it the "old man" has gotten worse, he's just completely out of it and I have left him at Moms to be where he can be cared for 24/7. Mom tells me he wont make it another 24 hrs. so my first weekend I drive up to Ga.... Old man seems to be ok, very agitated but not on death bed. Thanks, Mom.... Could be studin. Whatever so next week we get dumped on with work that is due and papers, speeches, reviews, etc. Well, Truck has been calling and txt'ing and I'm, getting nothing. No big deal, I'm over loaded with work anyway. My relief.... The picnic table outside my dorm door is the "hang out" I have met a small group of  people that sit out their sun-thurs night... every night.... Good people. Lots of fun.... Next weekend I am hangin out with "Red" awesome chick not in my class but we get along tremendously. She has an ex that is local he takes us out... totally lame. I talk to Truck when I can but he is severely agitated with me. Oh well, I'm doing what I can with what I got. I'm not getting the calls and I have papers that need writing. So 3rd weekend and I have a race in Orlando that I had scheduled long before they decided to send me to school. Well Truck was supposed to got w/but then changed his mind like 3 times, so i talk Red into doing the race with me so i dont go ti alone, mind you this is my first "adventure race", oh! and "T" a guy in my class has asked if he can catch a ride wants to come home and see wife and kids... well sure!! road trip !!! wooo, lol. So on the drive home i call Truck and let him know we are a few hours out... what do i get on the other end.... a very, very drunk Truck and the conversation goes" WHAT?! ok, whatever... yea i dont care, I'm drowning myself in a bottle tonight"... oh well, good talk glad my new friends could here that... awesome... So this is friday night, Sat is the race and we have to be in Orlando before 10, race wave is at 11. So i drop off T and Red and i go home, we pass out to wake up nice and early, drive to Orlando run our 3.2 miles w/obstacles in 43 min.... not bad but could do better i have started smoking again so i am not running my best, this time actually sucks for me and it wasn't all i thought it wold be but there are 2 new flyers on my car and i wanna try another one...So we get home sat afternoon and i am cleaning up around the house, mowing the yard, blah blah blah. Red is studyin w/beer and pizza in the back yard when Truck calls or I call him I cant really remember..... So here entails that screaming match... Now I dont like to fight, I can say really mean stuff and vaporize you in an instant and I dont like doing that, Truck blames me for my phone carrier not being able to penetrate cement walls and ring my phone. So I lose my damn mind in my driveway, I curse, I scream, and basically I let him have it. Then he tells me that he thought we were gonna have some alone time together, I ask so what you cant come over now? He's like no you have company... huh, ok whatever. So this for me is the point where I realize dude is physcotic. Not just a little crazy like we talked about when we first started dating. No, this if my realization point where I thing dude might need serious help... really it's my fault my phone sucks? Huh, ok.... Whatever... well dude is watching Zoo-Zoo, and I dont have anyone else that can do that. He's a crazy pup and well yea is a total handful. So I have to suck it up and see what happens.... It does not get better... FF to July.


So by now I have pretty much spent every weekend traveling and no getting any studying done. Not really sure how I made it through this class but I did it with a pretty decent grade too... Sun-Thurs night is sitting outside with a group that we have dub'd "Smoke Team 6," yes that is in reference to "SEal Team 6," lol. It's a group of like 6 or 7 of us that are always outside every night. havein a smoke and always a drink. Its good times, we are all friends on Words with Friends and we sit right next to each other playing the game... its hilarious. So here come July 4th. Mom and Dad are bringing the girl with them and I dont have to drive (for once, wheew). Well, Truck and Son were supposed to come but Son is having issues and it is decided that it is best if they cont come up. So on the actual 4th We are on base at the "bay" in a picnic area... its perfect, water is nice, there is a table under a pavilion, water is like 5 feet away... awesome. Well, Red comes to spend time with us and we are having a blast. Red and I decided to rent paddle boards. hahahahahah, poor Red... Well Red made mom a drink and mom has 2 and next thing I know, mom is floating out to sea, lol. Dad tells the girl to not let gramma float away, lmao. THEN  mom comes ashore, grabs tree and empties stomach contents... Que. time to get paddle-boards (which by the way is super fun and if I could afford my own... totally a new sport I would LOVE to get into). So Red decides to get into he water right were we got the boards and I decide to walk to where mom, dad and girl are.... I come back to find mom passed out on a towel on the ground, the girl is board... i get into the water and get all situated and about to push off and i see the kid that got the boards for us... uhh oh, i KNOW he is looking for me... crap what now... He see me, walks down.... "uhhh your friend cut her foot pretty bad".... awesome... i grab the paper-towels and start walking back... I come to find Red laughing and sitting on a wall, she laughs when she sees me and as i get up to her she decided to show me.... the inside of her foot..... huh, yea no thanks.... So 911 is called they show up and do.... Nothing... wow you guys, way to go... so they wont drive her to the ER so I do it. We call her class leader and update them.... I drop her off to get back to mom and dad... oh lets not forget the piggy back ride I gave her into the ER, LMFAO!!!! good times. WEll, by now I can do nothing more than "play nice" with Truck he has my pup which I have come to find out the Son decided to not feed for 2 days.... Scared to death this poor pup isn't gonna make it or be damaged when I get him back... come on graduation....

Whew, made it, met some awesome people, actually had a good time. Glad I went through this class, no lets head home, get the pup and end it with Truck....I can't drive fast enough....


ok, so I know I am waaaaaaaay behind on keepin this thing up dated but this one I just have to jump to. I will get back to the crazy ex in a minute. So a few days ago this Army cat starts hanging out at my desk. Granted I have this awesome brain teaser puzzle so I dont think anything about it. The first day he sits cross from me for about 45 min on this puzzle, it's a good one it took me about a week to solve it, and I solved it on a whim. I would work on it when I was tired of staring at spreadsheets and programs so I didn't spend much time on it daily. So then he's like uhhh i'll figure it out later and leaves. So the next day he comes back (of course, lmao) and gets on his knees and starts workin on the puzzle at my desk. Then he says I meant to send you an email yesterday and ask if you wanna go out for a beer. I was like oh, well thats nice but I cant this week my mom is in town and it's a pretty busy week. So he's like ok, well I will email you in a bit. So IDK, like maybe 30 min later I get this email from him, and the conversation goes that he is asking me out. So I lay it all out front cause it just seems kinda weird. I tell him if he is seriously trying to date me then he needs to know few things, and one is I dont do casual (which, to me, means its just whatever and there are other people that we "interact" with). And that he needs to have patience. Well, he comes back with he thinks casual fits better cause he travels a lot and I am busy and we should just keep it causal and friendly like it is now.. I reply, I think our definitions are different and like I said I dont do casual, but as friends I'm cool with that. Well i had to run off to take mom to the Airport (she has been here watching the child cause i was in St Louis.) so i sent him a quick note cause i was way late and got my times all mixed up so i gave him my cell and said if he still wanted to hang out Sat to let me know. (we had set sat as a night to go out and have a beer). Well, I decided that if I didn't hear anything by Friday afternoon that it was a no-go and that if he text or called after that I would turn it down. I had a sitter lined up but I dont do last minute dates, I wont always have a sitter that is willing to come on line. Well, I never heard anything (obviously), so I just waved it off. No big deal, he realized I'm not into the whole "boy toy" as he put it thing. So then my neighbor has a bday party for her girl and i actually happen to mention to her husband (who works in the same place I do) that i was supposed to have a date that works in a certain location for a certain deal.... and what does he say...… isn't he married?!  huh... interesting. that wasn't the impression i got from his emails.... he says... well according to his facebook...… oh.... well one more reason for me to not care... So now, i want destruction. I want to tun this man in to a 5 yr old child crying for mommy. But neighbor wont show me said FB for ammunition because he is upset that Army is "one of those," oh well, I will destroy him on my own. But I have decided to hold off I think, drag it out some more, see if I can draw him out to more daring... and then crush... I will have my vengeance, and it will be beautiful. Actually I wont do too much, I will make him cry for forgiveness and then I will let Karma catch him and will toast to her when she does, actually I am toasting her now :)